Making good cycling kit is a choice that manufacturers make. Riding in affordable, dependable, comfortable, and let’s not forget stylish kit is necessity. Since 2013 Ornot has been checking all the boxes, and is dedicated to producing high quality goods designed in San Francisco, CA which are manufactured in the U.S.A. They are fast becoming a staple with riders across the country, and I now know why.


When you first pick up the Floral Ornot jersey and Ornot bib shorts 3.0, you immediately get the sense that these are something special. It is evident that time and consideration of riding position were put into both the design and the construction of both the bib shorts and the jersey. In addition, the 100% cotton cap is very well constructed with broad inner tape and detailing throughout. The jersey has a very aerodynamic fit, but I was able to wear my normal size without issue. The body, sleeves, and neck of the jersey all fit very well because of the jersey fabric’s elasticity. On the back of the jersey along the neckline is a subtle nod to its roots with a ‘Made in California’ in the fabric. The detailing of the jersey and the bib shorts are well thought out without any in-your-face branding or large logos, but you can tell that this is distinctly Ornot. It will stand out both on the road and in the cafΓ© for a post-ride espresso.


When on the bike you can feel the benefit of the fabrics and the construction of the bib shorts. The leg gripper is snug but not constricting, and there’s zero riding up or messing about with fit . The chamois stays in place and is comfortable for both short and long rides. In testing the bibs myself, the chamois was very comfortable with no issues during a two hour ride. As far as the jersey goes, this is by far my favorite aero jersey. It’s snug and skin tight, but again like the bib shorts, not constricting whatsoever. You feel that you can move and the jersey becomes part of you on the bike as it should be, despite positioning in the drops or harder efforts out of the saddle. When storing things in the rear cargo pockets there’s enough fabric on the pockets themselves to comfortably hold a toolkit, pump, food, your phone and even a rolled up gilet/jacket if needed. The nice thing about all the extra storage space in the back of the jersey is that when it’s full it does not make the jersey feel any tighter, nor does it bounce around and pull to one side or the other. When under heavy effort, if you need to unzip the jersey for more airflow, the zipper has a nice pull tab which is rubberized for easy gripping. The arm grippers are snug as a race fit arrow jersey should be but they don’t constrict arm tissues. The sleeves are nice and long for more of and aerodynamic fit, so those riders which may have more muscle bulk in the arms may want to size up or look into another jersey in Ornot’s range.


When riding the cap fits very nicely beneath a helmet and wicks away a lot of extra moisture, but also breathes very well and does not seem heavy or soaked after a longer ride. As with all of Ornot’s range, the cap bears a style that is distinctly their own and is very recognizable. For more information and to check out their entire range visit Now, go ride your bike.




All photography courtesy of Tom Hane, @drummertomhane on Instagram

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